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The Firevase is a Vase that Fights Fires

Fire fighters are called to thousands of domestic fires a year.

A fire starts with small flames (often in the kitchen) and if you do not act quickly it can escalate within minutes. We rarely have a traditional fire extinguisher at hand, because it is not something displayed in our homes. Also when you need it, you do not really know how to use it, nor if it is out of date. 

This is why the FIREVASE® concept became a reality:

A fire extinguisher that you would be proud to show in your house and is ready to use!

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The Firevase® is an attractive vase and a fire extinguisher rolled into one! If ever a fire starts in your home, simply throw it on the flames. The liquid released will absorb oxygen and extinguish the fire. A firevase will complement your home decor and is the perfect size to be placed on your counter top or windowsill. 

We recommend that you have one in your kitchen where most domestic fires start, but also keep one on the landing in case you need to throw it down the stairs to get out of the house. Like any other vase, there is a small recipient to be filled with water so your flowers last longer. The extinguisher liquid is in a different compartment. 


Have you ever used or even read the user manual of your traditional fire extinguisher? Believe us, when you need to act quickly, the Firevase® is definitely the better option, because you might be in a panic!  To use the Firevase®, you do not need strength, or special skills. We have tested it for you: it broke after falling on our bedroom carpet from the windowsill, a height of 3 feet (90cm), and because it is made of plastic, you will not cut yourself on the broken parts.


FIREVASE – registered trademark – is a product that is a throwable fire extinguisher. It does not replace any legal fire extinguisher that your local regulation requires you to have in your house/building. The user should remain cautious not to take any risk endangering his/her life relying on the FIREVASE®. The FIREVASE® is an easy and ready to use device. Just drop the FIREVASE® on the fire so it will break, and the liquid inside will splash the maximum surface area of the fire. You might need to use more than one FIREVASE® to extinguish the fire. It is not guaranteed that you will be able to completely extinguish the fire with your FIREVASE®. You should follow the normal safety procedures and keep yourself out of danger in all cases. Once the FIREVASE® has been thrown leave the building quickly.

FIREVASE® is capable of action only on fires of the following classes: A, B and C.


Classe A: Combustible materials (wood, paper, fabric, refuse)

Classe B: Flammable liquids

Classe C: Flammable gases

Firevase® is certified CE and does not have any restriction for its shipping/transport. It has an expiry date label on each FIREVASE®. 

Store the Firevase® at a temperature between 0 and 60 degrees Celsius.

Contains: Alkyl glycoside CAS: 157707-88-5 Fluor surfactants, carbon surfactants, solvents, thickeners.

DO NOT DRINK the content. Although a small quantity will do no harm, it is advisable to seek medical attention if ingested.  

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